• Write down their daily walking on their individual record sheet.
  • Each week add up their individual and bonus squares and record this on their Individual record sheet
  • Send the team leader their total kilometres for the week. 

  • Team Leaders

  • Sign up their team with the organisation's Feetbat Coordinator 
  • Each week add up the team's total walking and record this on the team record sheet
  • Send the team's total kilometres to the Feetbeat Coordinator
  • Let the team know their total kilometres walked. 

  • Bonuses

    Participants can earn one bonus square per person per walk. There is a maximum of one bonus square per person that walks regardless of the duration of the walk. 30 minutes of moderate walking with 1 other person = 1 bonus square
    60 minutes of moderate walking with 1 other person = 1 bonus square
    30 minutes of moderate walking with 2 other people = 2 bonus squares

    Coordinator Instructions  

    The following is available to the coordinator under Resources:

  • Feetbeat journey map.
  • Leader board 
  • Individual record sheet
  • Team record sheet 

  • Coordinators need to ensure that all teams receive a journey map, team record sheet and that each participant has an individual record sheet. They need to keep the leaderboard up to date so that the teams can see how others are doing.

    During the challenge it is a great idea to promote walking opportunities to support participants to get more active.

    Incentives can also be a useful way to keep participants motivated throughout the challenge. There are lots of different ways you can recognise participants. Try and think about how you could acknowledge participants and reward them
    for their efforts.