Can we include any activities?

Yes, all activities count towards total steps e.g. gardening, swimming, cycling, walking around work/home, taking the stairs.

Can we do activities by ourselves or do we have to do activities in a group?

Your team can do activities together in a group or individually, either at work or out of work hours.

Does walking around the office, window shopping or sightseeing count?

Yes, all activities count towards total steps.

How many bonus steps are allowed for family members and friends that do activities with me?

You can earn a maximum of 1000 bonus steps per day.

How do I record my activity?

All steps are recorded on the team scorecard. The individual scorecards are there for each team member to monitor their own activity and then transfer it to the team scorecard so the team can monitor their steps.

What if I don't have a pedometer?

If you don't have a pedometer, there are simple calculations and an activity chart on the individual scorecard to help you calculate your steps. You can choose if all participants have a pedometer or not. It needs to be one or the other to keep the challenge fair.