Criteria for award


  • A 100% smokefree environment policy must be implemented and monitored as part of business as usual practice i.e. no smoking on the premises 24/7 (no designated smoking areas).
  • The Government's goal of a Smokefree Aotearoa by 2025 is included in the Smokefree policy.
  • All staff is fully informed of the policy. This includes new staff when they commence employment or contract. It is included in the orientation/induction process.
  • All staff, contractors, visitors, volunteers and others working on site are advised of the policy and informed that the policy applies to them whilst on the property including all private vehicles.
  • The smokefree policy is displayed prominently in the staff room/cafeteria and the public areas of the office foyer/reception areas.
  • Smokefree signs are displayed at all entrances to the grounds and at outer entrances to every building/car park or areas within their control.
  • A pathway to quit and support to staff, volunteer or contractors is in place.