Setting up your programme

There are several steps to getting your workplace wellbeing programme up and running.

Programme steps

  1. Obtain senior management approval for a workplace wellbeing programme - this is essential.
  2. Conduct a baseline check to see where you are already having an impact on health and wellbeing.
  3. Establish a representative group or committee for workplace wellbeing. Within this group establish "champions" for various activities.

  4. Conduct a staff needs and interest survey to find out what activfities your staff are interested in.

  5. Put together a three month plan of sustainable activities with indicators for success, how you will measure your success, and timelines. (Sustainable activites are ones that you can maintain - and are not just "one-off" activities).If your committee needs help to select the best activities to meet your needs and link you with other key organisations and resources, contact the Workplace Wellbeing team at the e-mail link below.

  6. Complete your activities and measure your success and learnings as you go.
  7. Finally, celebrate your successes, and make a plan for your next activities.It may also be necessary to conduct another needs and interest survey, especially if you have had a lot of changes to your staff.