1. New Zealand Steel Engineering Services

NZS Engineering Services' 5thAnnual Heartbeat Challenge Potato Growing Contest was another ‘mashing success!  Last September, 57 keen competitors from 9 different departments at NZ Steel were issued regulation buckets and a seed potato in the hopes of winning the Grand Prize Trophy for Champion Spud.  The week before Christmas (17th December), the buckets were emptied, the spuds counted, weighed and judged.  The results were tallied live, amid a plethora of spot prizes and a lovely shared lunch.  Together, we grew 453 spuds for a total weight of 20kgs.         

Our heartfelt thanks to all who take up the challenge and dedicate themselves to looking after their spuds during the long growing season; together we have created a tradition steeped in friendly competition, full of good humoured rivalry.                                                       

The gauntlet has been thrown down for next year's competition.                                        

ES Heartbeat Challenge Committee

Deanna, Chris & Keli

Contest Categories                                                     


Combined Weight of All Legal Spuds                                                    


Biggest (heaviest) Spud


Most Spuds 

18 Spuds                                    

Ugliest Spud     

Unanimous decision by       judges



Note: NZ Steel Engineering Services has taken part in the Heartbeat Challenge programme since 2006. They have their initial award and 5 renewals - truly a champion for workplace wellbeing.


2. Quit Now - It's about Whanau. Saia's smokefree story

Saia Tuitupou gave up smoking in May 2012 after a 30 year history and a 20 a day habit.

His motivation for giving up fits in well with Tasman Insulations health and safety motto at work which is ..."Look after your self - Look after your mates"

Saia stated his first reason for quitting was that he was worried about himself and his health and not being around to see his one year old grandson Jazaiah grow up.

The second reason to quit was money as he spent $105 a week on cigarettes.

Saia was also aware of the national goal for New Zealand to be Smokefree by 2025.

He is well on target for this and feels really pleased with himself and his decision to quit.

Some of the benefits he has noticed already are food tastes better, he is more active and he has stopped drinking alcohol for a while.

He is also proud to be a good role model for his sons and spends less time outside on the deck smoking.



Saia Tuitupou



























































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