What is Feetbeat?

Feetbeat is an 8 week walking programme encouraging individuals to increase their physical activity with workmates, whanau/family and friends. Teams are challenged to walk for at least 30 minutes a day while taking a virtual journey around Auckland, New Zealand or the Pacific!

Anyone can be part of the team (workmates, families, community groups, friends etc.). The team that walks the furthest distance wins Feetbeat!

How does it work?

  • Organisations appoint a Feetbeat coordinator.
  • Participants get together a team of up to eight people (not less than four) and nominate a team leader.
  • Each team chooses one of the three maps provided and sets a goal for where the team aims to walk to.
  • Each time participants walk for 30 minutes they earn 3km's or one square for their team.
  • For every family member or friend accompanying participants on their walk, they will receive one extra square.
  • The team that walks the furthest distance in 8 weeks wins Feetbeat!

What counts as an activity?

Walking and running are the only activities that count. No other types of activities count towards total squares.

The 30 minutes can be broken up throughout the day to suit you.

30 minutes of moderate walking = 1 square/3km
3x10 minute moderate walks = 1 square/3km
30 minutes of running = 1 square/3km