Can we include any other sporting activities?          

Walking and running are the only activities that count. No other types of activity count towards total squares.  

Can we walk by ourselves or do we have to walk in groups?

Walks or runs can be done as a group or individually, whatever is best for participants.

Does walking around the office, window shopping or sightseeing count?

No, because the walking must be of moderate intensity (moderate intensity means activity will cause a slight, but noticeable, increase in breath and heart rate. You can still carry on a conversation).

How many bonus points are allowed for family members and friends that walk with me?

You can earn one bonus square per person, per walk. There is a maximum of one bonus square per person that walks regardless of the duration of the walk.

How do I record my activity?

All steps are recorded on the team record sheet. The individual record sheets are there for each team member to monitor their own activity and then transfer it to the team record sheet so the team can monitor their walking.

Do I have to do my 30 minutes of activity in one session to get one square?

The 30 minutes can be broken up throughout the day to suit you, but remember you can only fill in the square when you have completed the whole 30 minutes. .